Password Protect Your Virtual Tours

Password protect your virtual tours so that only specific people who are your customers can actually access the contents in the virtual tour

Password Protect Your Virtual Tours

At TeliportMe, we understand the significance of safeguarding your panoramas, and that's why our rock-solid security features are designed to provide you with peace of mind.

Using our password tool, you can easily secure your panoramas from prying eyes, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Whether you're accessing your account from a desktop or a mobile device, our seamless sync feature keeps you in complete control, allowing you to manage your virtual realm with confidence.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of adding a password to your virtual tour, ensuring that only the right people can access it. So, let's dive in and make sure your virtual tour stays under lock and key.

Why password-protect a virtual tour?

There are plenty of good reasons why your virtual tour may call for password protection features:

Exclusive Client Access: A built-in password functionality can allow private access to select clients, giving them an exclusive preview of your products, services, or properties. By doing so, you cultivate a feeling of importance among your clients, fostering stronger relationships with your valued customers.

Confidentiality: If you need to safeguard confidential information and intellectual property, its crucial to use a password protect feature. Implementing a site-wide password acts is of utmost importance to mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized use or replication of such sensitive content.

Wholesale or B2B Operations: For wholesale or B2B operations, an online store password ensures that only authorized retailers or industry professionals can access the restricted items from password-protected sections of the website. can access the store and place orders.

Pre-launch Teasers: For businesses planning to launch a new product or service, password-protected virtual tours can generate excitement and anticipation among a select audience. By granting access only to insiders, beta testers, or loyal customers, businesses can create a buzz around their upcoming offering, building anticipation and increasing the likelihood of a successful launch.

Restricted Events or Memberships: Password protection is ideal for virtual tours associated with exclusive events or memberships. Whether it's a VIP event, an industry conference, or a members-only club, requiring a password ensures that only invited individuals can experience the virtual tour. This enhances the feeling of exclusivity and maintains the privacy and integrity of the event or membership.

Sensitive Locations or Content: Virtual tours that involve sensitive locations or confidential details (such as secure facilities, government buildings, healthcare facilities, or research labs) do not allow access to the average user. For security reasons, it may be necessary to comply with a legal privacy policy to guarantee complete security.

Private Residences: Not everyone wants 360-degree images of their private spaces on public display. Virtual tour passwords allow enhanced control over who can access these personal areas, preventing access to visitors who don't belong. This ability to maintain a sense of privacy will instill customer confidence.

No matter what drives your decision to password-protect a virtual tour, at TeliportMe, we protect your right to privacy.

How to Add a Password to Your Virtual Tour


Log in to your account.

Quick Guidde


After logging into your account, you will see on your dashboard all tours, so click "Panos" or on the tour that requires a password.



Click "Edit".



In the upper left of your screen, click "Add" to view the blocks.



Select the "Password" block. You can add it by selecting the plus symbol.



Add your password for the tour (in this case, we used "12345" as an example)

Fill password


Don't forget to add a personal message. It's helpful to let viewers know the tour is password protected. We suggest adding contact details so that viewers will know how to request access once they receive their virtual tour link.


Click "Save" to keep your changes up-to-date.

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It probably goes without saying, but it's important to keep your password safe– do not to share it with unauthorized individuals. Common passwords like "1234" should be avoided.

Customer satisfaction is important to us.

If you have any problems or issues with your password, please contact our customer support team at